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  • Anita
    Anita - Just promoted to management, Anita, who never pictured herself a leader, quickly needed to boost her self-confidence and develop strategies to lead a 100-member team.
  • Steve
    Steve - Business is thriving. Life is good. Steve wants to stay on top of priorities while still grounded in his values. A coach keeps him in charge of his direction.
  • Suzanne
    Suzanne - Suzanne is ready to retire and scared for what that means. What will give her life meaning, purpose and structure? Can she and her husband spend 24/7 together?

Why Choose a Life Coach?

Clients come to coaching for a lot of reasons.

  • Feeling stuck in a job, a relationship, a place…
  • Overwhelm–“My plate is too full
  • I’ve lost my voice—I don’t speak up or speak out when I want to
  • I need change.  I want something more.  Is this all there is? What more is possible for me?
  • Change is looming and I’m scared…an empty nest, retirement, parenting, a different job…
  • I want to thrive in my business and things are stale….
  • I can’t stick with the goals I aspire to!
  • I’ve been promoted and YIKES! I’m in over my head!

Life Song’s Clients

Life Song Coaching is expert at empowering confidence and helping individuals find their voices. We specialize in working with:

  • Aspiring leaders in business and nonprofit organizations
  • Mid managers advancing their careers
  • Entrepreneurs launching new endeavors
  • Men and women in transition–planning retirement, exploring fresh career options or entering new relationships
  • And, we love coaching other coaches and those who want to be coach-like

What Sets Coaching Apart

Coaching differs from counseling or therapy.  As a client, you identify what is and isn’t working in your life. Your coach helps you focus on what you want to change and on goals you want to achieve.

Your coach will ask powerful questions to help you identify your passions and brainstorm ideas to aim you in directions you want to go. She taps into your innate creativity and resourcefulness!

As equal partners, you and your coach look forward. You identify your strengths, knowledge and support systems. You dissect past successes and use those experiences to propel forward. Your coach helps you choose a path that’s right for you. She champions you to stay the course and reach your goals.

Your coach doesn’t fix you or diagnose problems.  She won’t give advice.  She will ask powerful questions to help you identify your passions, and brainstorm ideas to aim you in the direction you want to go.

Together, as equal partners, you and your coach look forward.  Together you identify your strengths, knowledge and support systems. You dissect successes you’ve already experienced and use your experience to propel you forward. You make a plan for and choose the path or leap you want to take! Your coach champions you to stay on the path and reach your goals.

How Coaching Works

Coaching is a series of confidential one-to-one conversations by phone or in person, weekly or every other week. Assignments and challenges keep you focused between sessions.  

Group coaching offers the experience and impact of coaching in the comfort and camaraderie of a close-knit group of peers with common concerns and goals.  Cost is shared among participants.

Compelling Conversations for Vital Aging

A 5-part conversation series looks at the transition from career to the next chapter of life. Retirement, as some refer to it, is a unique journey for everyone. Explore challenges and opportunities this transition offers you. Committed couples are encouraged to attend together to understand one another’s perspective about change and clarify lifestyle choices. This program is available for booking by organizations. 

Begin thinking about Your Next Chapter, Launching a New Season, with this quick guide. The Next Chapter.

Compelling Conversations for Life Outside the Lines Testimonials

“Life Outside the Lines” was so helpful to me. I feel like I can move forward now without being afraid.” – Sue

“This series helped me be more of who I am and to consider what I want to do with my life now. It has helped me accept where I’m at and to begin working on the ‘new me’.” – Jan

“As we complete Outside the Lines, I am amazed by how far I have come in such a short time. The class has brought healing and help to all the participants. – Pat 

Compelling Conversations for Vital Aging Testimonials

“This was thought-provoking, inspiring and great content. It really made me think!”

 “This series is a game-changer! Just do it!” 

“This course is a way to begin the discussion with your partner on topics you need to deal with but may not want to face.” 

“Having participated in this series, I have a much better understanding of where and how I want to invest my time and enrich my life.”

“Compelling Conversations covered everything from keeping my core values in alignment with my plans to taking risks, and looking at ways to stay healthy in mind, body and soul.”

“Bonnie, you came into our lives just when we needed your most-bringing insight, reflection, and purpose. Thank you!” 

Facilitation Leadership Development

Life Song inspires teams to new levels of collaboration and efficiency. We lead experiential learning for team building, communication, listening, problem-solving, conflict resolution, StrengthsFinder 2.0 and leadership growth. We encourage pairing individual coaching with classroom instruction for exceptional results. Sessions are customized to the needs of your group. Paired with coaching, clients have achieved exceptional results.

Leaders exist at all levels of organizations. We help you empower your people to step up to their full potential, creating success for themselves, your organization and your customers.

We also provide skilled meeting facilitation for group planning, idea generation, and goal setting.

Life Song taps an extensive network of partner coaches and trainers to deliver training and specialized coaching when it will best serve the customer.


Here’s what clients say about Life Song:

Jane – Just back from 5 years of teaching abroad, Jane’s motivation tanked as her life took an abrupt turn. Could she get out of her slump and move forward?

Carl – Grieving his wife’s passing, Carl wanted direction and new relationships. He needed significance and a renewed life purpose.

Coaching Testimonials

Bonnie is genuine, authentic. She helped me reconnect with my core values and learn how to use values in making my decisions in both personal and professional situations. – Teresa

I can’t afford not to have a coach! She keeps me focused on what’s important for my business, and helps me balance business responsibilities with time for important self-care and for my growing family. – Brett

Leadership & Facilitation Testimonials

“The Strength Finder session you provided Blandin Forestry enabled us to not only understand ourselves and each other but empowered us with tools to help us function better as a team. You designed exercises that allowed us to explore our own strengths, and to learn about those strengths that we don’t possess. A month after the training, we still discuss our strengths and have come to recognize the value each of us provides to the team. This training was well worth it! We appreciate it.”
Cheryl Adams, Blandin Forestry

“Our experiences working with Life Song Coaching were very positive. Group sessions were very helpful for employees to interact with one another, learning about themselves and each other. Learning about different profiles of human behavior helps everyone better understand each other and why we tend to respond differently to same circumstances.”
Garrett Ous, Itasca County Land Dept.


Is Coaching Right for You?

Try this downloadable quiz Downloadable Quiz: Is Coaching Right For You? to see if coaching could make a difference for you. Multiple “yes” answers suggest coaching is an ideal partnership for you to begin making changes you are seeking!  Contact Life Song today for a free 30-minute sample coaching session to see if we are a good fit for helping you make the changes in your life you are craving!

The Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life Completes the wheel Download: The Wheel of Life to gauge how ‘in balance’ your life is at the moment. Highs or lows indicate where you can adjust your priorities so life rolls more smoothly. A coach will help you identify how to be in sync with what’s most important to you.

The sections in the Wheel of Life represent facets of your life. Create a wheel that represents your life at present. Place a mark in each section of the pie representing your current level of satisfaction with that area of your life, rated from 1-10.  (1-low, 10-high) Draw a line connecting the dots creating your own wheel. You may add or substitute a category of importance to your wheel, such as volunteerism or community service. Where would you like to increase satisfaction; by how much? Where are you willing to give up something? (When we take on something new, we often have to give up something else.) This exercise can provide insight for possible places to coach and where you might want to focus energy for change.

Reading list for Compelling Conversations for Vital Aging

Reading List for Compelling Conversations for Life Outside the Lines

Compelling Conversations: Outside the Lines… after losing your spouse 

A conversation series for men and women who have lost their spouses to embrace changes and begin to thrive. Outside the Lines sparks insights and provides tools to see light at the end of the tunnel and begin to move forward. Participants look at their values, life purpose, the legacy they want to create for themselves and lifestyle choices available to them as singles.